VBH Technikforum Wels


You can download the presentations from the Technikforum as a handout (PDF) below:  

We've always done it like that.
Tips on implementing the installation guidelines in day-to-day work – without studying.

Your certificates, please.
Why complaints lead to inspections – what should you do when the building authorities come knocking on your door?  

Forgotten the balcony?
How to make sure your floor-length elements are fall-resistant – without bars in front of the window.  

Balcony door as trip hazard.
How to make just 20 mm comfortable and safe.  

Escape doors - a danger to life and limb.
Why we laugh about Berlin Brandenburg Airport, but don’t do things much better ourselves.  

Insulate, don't thermal-bridge
How a new type of insulating construction material is turning everything on its head.  

ÖNORM Montage
The new installation standard for the Austrian market.